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/// TBWA Brussels

eni Link offers the lowest prices on the market in terms of energy supplier. To generate the maximum amount of new subscriptions, we imagined several concepts of digital campaign.

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CONCEPT 1: Powered by eni Link

To highlight the very low price of eni Link, we make a deal with a movie theater (Metropolis in Antwerp) or a concert hall (AB in Brussels) or both. During the month of October these will be powered by eni Link.

Because eni Link is so cheap, the tickets for a concert or movie night become less expensive for people.

CONCEPT 2: Switch your parents (or other family and friends)

Young people already made the switch to a cheaper energy provider. The elderly are the one still stuck at their old provider and pay way too much.
Now, with eni Link being the cheapest on the market, the time has come that they finally make the switch.

Eni creates a win-win situation by calling out to all youngsters to switch their parents or other older family members. When they really make the switch, the youngsters receive a little extra in ‘pocket money’, by receiving the difference in money between the old provider and eni Link.